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THRANGU DHARMAKARA PUBLICATIONS: Continuing the Dharma Lineage through Dharma Books
Thrangu Dharmakara Publications, Namo Buddha
Head In-Charge: Lama Ajo & Lama Nyima

Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche's Teachings
Offered by Namo Buddha Publications

Thrangu Dharmakara Publications, Namo Buddha

DharmakaraThrangu Dharmakara Publications was founded by Thrangu Rinpoche at Namo Buddha Monastery in the year 2000. The committee was formed to produce books in Tibetan from the many teachings that Thrangu Rinpoche has given to students in foreign countries. The head of Dharmakara Publications is Lama Ajo.
The teachings are being transcribed from the tapes that Namo Buddha Publications in the U.S. has collected. Teachings given to Thrangu Rinpoche's monk and nun students as well as other lamas are being stored in the library for future transcribing and publishing.

The project has been underway for the last 10 years. There are hundreds of tapes needing to be transcribed. The Dharmakara building contains an office, a large computer room, an audio/visual library for all the monks, and rooms for the Dharmakara main staff.

The Publications committee has published the teachings and commentaries on important texts of great masters beginning with Thrangu Rinpoche's teachings on Ngondro practice (the four foundations practices), teachings on Mahamudra, teachings on the Uttaratantrashastra (gyu lama). They also plan to publish a book in colloquial language intended for beginners to Buddhism.