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THRANGU NGODRUP TSOKPA: monks' welfare committee

If you are willing to support and sponsor a monk, please contact the following address.

Thrangu Ngodrup Tsokpa

Boudha, P.O.Box. 1287
Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: +977-1-491 4697

Contact your nearby Thrangu Dharma Centre or non-profit organization.

Read V. Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche's statement
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Thrangu Ngodrup Tsokpa

Thrangu Ngodrup Tsokpa is an active association that looks after the monks of Thrangu Monastery. This association was founded in 1990. Currently, Lama Tseten is the manager. Ngodrup Tsokpa makes sure that all the monks are well fed and adequately clothed. It provides monks with necessities and medical care as well.
Ngodrup Tsokpa handles the sponsorships of monks. It raises funds for:

Currently, it is serving and providing necessities for about 450 monks including monks staying in:

In addition, more than 50% of the monks are under the age of eighteen, and most of them are from Himalayan regions, poor and rural areas of Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan. They have little opportunity for either formal training or modern education in their villages.
According to Rinpoche, "The young monks in the monastery can begin training and education, which will help them to develop good habits, morality and discipline that may serve them throughout their lives."
Therefore, Thrangu Ngodrup Tsokpa strives to provide the best possible care for the monks. Its main aim is to help them to attain expereice and realization so that they may benefit themselves and all other sentient beings.